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Make an Interfaith Peace Chapel Gift

Yes! I'd like to make donation to the Interfaith Peace Chapel.

Please choose from one of the following options to make your contribution:

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** All donations are tax deductible and go toward supporting the Interfaith Peace Chapel Project


Upcoming Events at Interfaith Peace Chapel

Meditation MondaysYou are invited to Mindful Meditation Practice. Learn to be more relaxed, centered, peaceful, and joyful as you deepen your connection with your own spirituality. Join us for guided mindful meditation practice. Facilitated by Alfred Van Gool and Rev. Karla Bass. Read more...

FREE HIV TESTINGThe Interfaith Peace Chapel offers FREE Walk-in HIV testing every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. It's easy, painless and FREE. Knowledge is the key!


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Who are we?

The Interfaith Peace Chapel makes a bold statement to the world about the value of sacred space committed to peace and interfaith cooperation. The IPC welcomes worshiping congregations of faith, seekers of peace who claim no faith, and stands as a symbol of the common goal. In a culture of war, where power and greed blind many from seeing value in others, we are called to be courageous and sacrificial in our efforts to create and sustain peace. The chapel is our visible proclamation to the world that we must all be committed to peace. It stands as a monument to the cause of peace for all who believe in it, seek it and work for it. In an environment where people are repeatedly excluded from communities of faith, we are called to build a campus where all will see and feel our welcoming spirit.