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St. Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi, a life-size bronze sculpture created by renowned sculptor Trevor Southey was commissioned on the occasion of Rev. Michael Piazza’s 10th anniversary. This incredible sculpture has been incorporated into the landscape design as a permanent fixture on our campus.

Click HERE to watch the unveiling ceremony on April 26, 2009.


From Trevor Southey

I love the name of the place as much as the name of the man. It has become, over my lifetime, synonymous with the ideals to which he aspired as I perceive them. Simple, uncluttered and spontaneous compassion, and service to the weak and vulnerable.

I first made a pilgrimage en route from my home in Africa to America, ironically to Mormon Zion. But being me, I purchased a used Lambretta motor scooter and rode south on my meandering way from my stop in England, and on through several countries and the Alps to that hillside town. The beauty of the place seemed so consistent to me in the beauty of the man Franseco who, somehow because he was so young, when he became enlightened to the plight of the vulnerable, always remains for me a sort of man-boy. Being still naïve myself, it is easy to comprehend. I suppose I suspect that he retained a child-like view of life, an innocence that refused corruption of dogma and institution.

And now decades later I find myself making another sort of pilgrimage to this man, this time exploring a few moments in time of an imagined encounter he has with a wounded rabbit or hare. But my purpose is to encapsulate a vision in those few moments that portrays the essence of a life.

Maquette Stage

Clay Model #1

Clay Model #2

Clay Model Refinement

Final Installed



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Who are we?

The Interfaith Peace Chapel makes a bold statement to the world about the value of sacred space committed to peace and interfaith cooperation. The IPC welcomes worshiping congregations of faith, seekers of peace who claim no faith, and stands as a symbol of the common goal. In a culture of war, where power and greed blind many from seeing value in others, we are called to be courageous and sacrificial in our efforts to create and sustain peace. The chapel is our visible proclamation to the world that we must all be committed to peace. It stands as a monument to the cause of peace for all who believe in it, seek it and work for it. In an environment where people are repeatedly excluded from communities of faith, we are called to build a campus where all will see and feel our welcoming spirit.