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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Interfaith Peace Chapel. We hope this helps to answer all of your questions.

Why was the Interfaith Peace Chapel built?

First and foremost, the Interfaith Peace Chapel makes a bold and visible statement to the world about our commitment to a sacred space committed to peace and interfaith cooperation.

What is the intended use of the building?

The Interfaith Peace Chapel is used to host weddings, interfaith services, workshops, concerts and regularly scheduled small group meetings for Cathedral of Hope. It will also host other services from many outside groups. Eventually, the chapel will allow for overflow worship space as Cathedral of Hope outgrows their current sanctuary.

How big is the Interfaith Peace Chapel?

The Interfaith Peace Chapel is 4,000 sq. ft. of worship space with seating for 175. The lower level will provide an additional 4,000 sq. ft. of usable space. The chapel is 46 ft. tall (the size of a four-story building) at its tallest point and 106 ft. long.

What is in in the lower level?

Accessible by stairs and an elevator, the lower level includes an entry area, restrooms, meeting rooms, storage for the various religious groups that will use the upstairs space, additional storage, and mechanical and electrical areas.

How can I support the programs of the Interfaith Peace Chapel?

You can support the programs of the Interfaith Peace Chapel by contributing online any time; click here or call 214-351-1044 for additional information.

Besides a cash gift are there other ways people are contributing to the Interfaith Peace Chapel?

There are a variety of ways you can make contributions, such as securities (stocks and bonds) and life income gifts, such as charitable remainder trusts, whereby a donor can make a substantial gift while retaining income on the money they currently own. We recommend you consult with your tax advisor to determine the best method of giving for your specific situation. Please email IPC Information or call 214-351-1044 for additional information.



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Who are we?

The Interfaith Peace Chapel makes a bold statement to the world about the value of sacred space committed to peace and interfaith cooperation. The IPC welcomes worshiping congregations of faith, seekers of peace who claim no faith, and stands as a symbol of the common goal. In a culture of war, where power and greed blind many from seeing value in others, we are called to be courageous and sacrificial in our efforts to create and sustain peace. The chapel is our visible proclamation to the world that we must all be committed to peace. It stands as a monument to the cause of peace for all who believe in it, seek it and work for it. In an environment where people are repeatedly excluded from communities of faith, we are called to build a campus where all will see and feel our welcoming spirit.